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Our Platform


We are driven by two core beliefs: fiscal responsibility and complete transparency.

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Under the tenure of this council, the Township of Medford has made a recovery from a difficult financial situation. In the last nine years, we have maintained the local tax rate without sacrificing important township services.

Fiscal responsibility requires real-world experience to understand and balance competing priorities and make intelligent, sophisticated and complex decisions. Trust in the team that has made these types of decisions for Medford, and who will continue to steer us toward growth and stability.

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We know that we work for you. As such, you have a right to know what we’re doing, and to make your voice heard. What will we continue to do to foster this?

    • • Our Council meetings are live-streamed, so anyone can see what’s being discussed at any time

• Anyone wishing to speak at a meeting is encouraged to do so, with complete respect and without interruption

  • • We post all meeting Agendas, Minutes, Ordinances and Resolutions on the Township website
  • • Our contact information is publicly available online - we encourage everyone to reach out, and we answer all residents’ emails
  • • We regularly attend community meetings to invite questions and conversation from Medford residents

The Bottom Line

The Watson - Symons - Rebstock ticket carries with it proven leadership, experience and a history of excellent results for Medford.



Early Voting Information

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